Octopus 3lb Tray.

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Octopus is a delicious and very popular dish eaten all around the world. Most people relate Octopus to something chewy, bland, and tough. But when cooked properly, it has the same texture as that of lobster. A well-cooked octopus has a very distinctive texture and smell. However, its flavor is mostly influenced by the ingredients used along with it and the cooking method. Well, we have removed the hassle and mess of cooking, cutting and tenderizing the Whole Octopus by importing Cooked, Tenderized Octopus Legs from Spain. Nothing to do but to slightly grill with salt, pepper, paprika and olive oil and enjoy a really delicious grill Octopus Legs without the mess and hassle. Our Octopus Cooked Legs are 150-200 grams each and are packed in 3lb trays. You can order 1 tray or as manny as you like.