King Crab Legs 20lb Case

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Alaskan King Crab’s flavor reputation precedes it. The leg meat is known for its rich, sweet flavor and delicately tender texture reminiscent of lobster meat. But it takes some work to reach that sought-after meat. The thick shells with large spikes often necessitate a cracking tool. But after you get through the cracking part, the reward is well worth the work. We have 3 different size King Crab Legs, the super colossal 4-7 (4-7 legs per lb), the colossal 6-9 (6-9 legs per lb) and the large size 16-20 (16-20 legs per lb). These crab legs are already cooked. You can just thaw them out and eat them cold with some mustard sauce or some cocktail sauce. Or you can steam them for 20-30 minutes or just put them in hot water until they are hot and eat them with mustard sauce or melted butter. You can buy whatever size you want. The Alaskan King Crab Legs come packed in 20 lb boxes directly from the packer and they need to be purchased on a per box basis.

PRICE SUPER COLOSSAL 4/7: $2,300.00 per 20 lb case

PRICE COLOSSAL 6/9: $2,000.00 per 20 lb case

PRICE LARGE 16/20: $1,800.00 per 20 lb case