Scallops 8lb Can

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When properly cooked they have a buttery, delicate, slightly sweet flavor. Scallops taste “light” and “rich” at the same time. Scallops are succulent. They are not overly “fishy tasting” but do have a briny, saltwater “essence.” Scallops have a flavor similar to lobster and crab with a firmer texture. Scallops should be seared outside then finish cooking with butter, salt and pepper to taste. Our Scallops are fresh dry packed (no water added) U-10 (less than 10 scallops per lb), domestically wild caught and delicious. They come in an 8 lb sealed can directly from the packer. Each can brings about 80 scallops. You would have to order 1 can minimum, otherwise if the can is opened and repackage it compromises the quality of the Scallops